Hotel Arnaldo, just outside Reggio Emilia, offers typical Emilian dishes


The restaurant is usually closed on the following days:

Sunday and Monday at lunch

Extraordinary opening for Sunday lunch:

From the first Sunday in October until Easter, excluding January

Typical Italian cuisine at Hotel Arnaldo, Reggio Emilia

Arnaldo Clinica Gastronomica, located in Rubiera, between Reggio Emilia and Modena, is considered by gourmets to be a temple to Emilian cuisine. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, refined and tastefully furnished with close attention to the smallest details. Warm hospitality is a long-standing tradition. Emilian cuisine at Hotel Arnaldo, in Reggio EmiliaInside, there is a series of rooms of various sizes, which create an atmosphere that is at once intimate and friendly: perfect for a romantic dinner, a working lunch, or even just spending an evening in a welcoming and pleasant place. This restaurant is a special place where the quality and the level of class are those of a time gone by. The cuisine is closely linked to Emilian tradition. Here reign carts of exceptional antipasti ranging from sublime cured meats to various types of vegetable appetizers. Get in touch with Reggio Emilia traditions at Hotel ArnaldoThe pasta is homemade and comes in a many varieties, from cappelletti to tortelli, tagliatelle and the famous spugnolata, while the main courses are a tribute to exquisite meats. All of it is accompanied by excellent local wine and a wide variety of other Italian vintages. Finally, the dessert cart is filled with traditional homemade desserts: chocolate pudding, zuppa inglese and – not to be missed – the now legendary pears cardinal with zabaione.

Restaurant is closed in these days:
Sunday at dinner time and Monday at lunch time.