The charming story of a 3 star hotel in Modena, Hotel Arnaldo Aquila d'Oro


Arnaldo Degoli was born on October 28, 1907 in Rubiera, where his parents owned a holding of farmland. Passionate about music even as a child, he decided to learn how to play the violin and eventually formed a small group with a few friends. For some time, they played in the dance halls of Rubiera and the surrounding areas before deciding to go in search of fame and fortune in the cafés of France. After having roamed around for a while, Arnaldo returned to Italy and decided to start working for real!
In Rubiera, he found a job as an assistant in the store located next door to the current restaurant. There, he met Lina, who had taken over the management of the “Aquila d’Oro” (Golden Eagle) Inn, along with her mother and sister.
This is where their story starts. Arnaldo already had a plan for the restaurant in mind, and when he married Lina in 1936, he started to carry it out by buying the inn and giving it his own name in order to mark the start of a new business, a 3 star hotel near Modena.
Arnaldo and Lina started to work together in the restaurant, creating a new menu of recipes partially passed down from Lina’s mother and sister and partially invented and elaborated upon by Arnaldo, with influences from his travels in France.
In 1938, their first daughter, Anna, was born, followed by their second, Franca, in 1945. The two girls started to work in the restaurant at an early age, already drawn to the trade. They later continued to carry it out alongside their husbands, even after Arnaldo and Lina died, maintaining the particular touch Arnaldo had wanted to give to the traditional dishes as well as the quality of the ingredients.

Origins of the name “Clinica Gastronomica”

During the ‘60s, the Restaurant of Rubiera was often visited by the doctors of the Modena General Hospital. Arnaldo liked to joke with them, saying that everyone came out of their clinic sad, while all of his “patients” came out happy, because instead of carts full of medicines and IVs, there were carts of excellent meats and delicious soups. In this way, joking, the name Clinica Gastronomica has remained an integral part of the restaurant’s identity. Today it has become a high-quality brand that is a mark of distinction for the restaurant.
The building that houses the Rubiera Clinica Gastronomica is a historical building from the 1400s. As far as anyone knows, it has always been an inn, with a stable to house horses and carriages and the guesthouse where travellers stopped to eat and sleep. It was built right in the centre of the town, across from a fort from the 1200s, which was used as a military headquarters.